5 songs bringing back sweet memories of Paris

I remember during my teenager time, singing those with my friends and my parents. We danced, sang often several times a day, everywhere even outside.

Can you sing those too?

1) "Champs Elysées" by Joe Dassin

Sang on streets, in the kitchen, under shower... oh sweet memories! The moon is full and we have a starry sky, the breeze is cool and we dance lightly between the cars and trees.

2) "Tout va bien madame la Marquise" (original)

From a long long time ago, an other era, this song is quite fun event if the story ends up dramatically. Everything is alright my lady, nothing to worry.

and a new fun version by Christophe DEMERSON

Do you know? It really feels like how many french people are thinking.

"Everything is alright, the ship is drowning, a thunderstorm is coming, but I am fine, I am safe..." Or so they believe.

3) "Douce France" by Charles Trenet

This song contains old memories about how our country was. You will often hear the ancients saying "Soft France, dear country of my childhood" and you'll see them cry. If it happens to you, please, don't be surprised. Hug them dearly. They fought for their country and they are just councious that it was meaningless.

4) "Sous le ciel de Paris" by Edith Piaf

Less known, though it describes Paris quite good even today.

From Bercy to Notre-Dame, going by the river to Saint-Louis isle, under the beautiful sky of our city.

5) "Il est 5h, Paris s’éveille" by Jacques Dutronc

Describes Paris when the city wakes up at 5 o'clock A.M. travelling all around the city. The bakers are cooking breads and french pastries, the restaurants and bars are washing their places, the newspapers are printed and the delivery persons are ready, the municipal street cleaners are out, the lovers are tired and going back home to rest a little before the next night.

If you know other song about Paris you're welcomed to share.


Irina Magteb

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