Do you know our most useful mobile phone apps?

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There are useful applications in Paris which can help you everyday during all your trip to face everything in Paris and find your way.

- Citymapper for Paris is also in english version. We use it to avoid troubles for common transport in the best way possible. It’s the best up to date information available, even better than SNCF (trains) and RATP (subways, buses, tramways) apps.

You can aslo access plans of the city, see your trip by foot, car, taxis or buses.

Inconvenient: it needs internet access (Wi-Fi/3G/4G…) to work.

- contains maps of many cities including France - Paris and it’s in english.

The advantage is that you can download the maps locally and use the app offline.

Inconvenience: If you don’t close the process after using it, it’s eating the battery life even in offline mode.

WhatsApp is the messages and calls common application used in France. The advantage is that it looks a lot like KakaoTalk and Line.

Many people have it so it's easy to exchange and remain connected event from far away.

But the application is owned now by facebook, so there are people leaving whatsapp searching for an other application. Why?

Many people living in France are careful with their private data. It's a huge point of attention nowadays.

So don't be surprised if someone tells you they are not using this application anymore.

Also be careful of whatsapp calls. If you don't know the number better don't answer than be sorry.

Linguee remains the main top translator to communicate when you don't know the language. Really useful and has many different languages.

The main advantage is that it can be used offline by downloading the dictionaries locally. If you don't find a word or sentence try a synonym or reformulate.

We also found for those who like romance applications

City of Love: Paris

Advantage : the story takes place in Paris from what we heard

Disadvantage : you must be patient or pay to advance the story quicker.

We apologize we don't have time to try it.

More are to come... (^__^) We will share with you every application we find useful during your trips in Paris.

Also you can share your apps here if you found any helpful or fun about Paris and France.

Contact us for more information.

We are glad to exchange with you.

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