3 questions to ask yourself before stepping out to enjoy Paris

No matter where you are, before going out, better plan your trip a day before for security reasons. Don't worry. You don't have to plan everything. The unknown is also attractive.

1) Are there strikes planned?

The website below is only in french. So we suggest you to ask the hotel staff to check it for you.

It contains a calendar with the dates and cities where the strikes take place.

Paris is concerned and you're stressed? Breathe deeply. You can calm down. If it's the case better avoid certain touristic places. The hotel staff is normally able to tell you which ones because strikes in Paris are submitted to police staff. It usually gives the event's route.

The information may not be 100% sure but it helps.

Strikes in Paris can deviate from their original path.

You can find in our ateliers how to get out from the social protests in Paris the most safely possible for you.

2) How much do you want to spend? Define how much money you take with you.

We suggest you to not take all your money with you. It's better to let some money well hidden in your hotel’s room.

Discover in our ateliers how to arrange your things in your room in the most safely way for your valuables even if you don't have a


3) Check your bag. Do you have:

- your passeport or a copy of it, (our suggestion: a copy of it).

It's useful for police checkpoints, accidents, strikes, and so much more. Except if you don't want to be identified (^_-)

- your money,

If you want to go shopping and don't want to use your credit card better have it. Else you have to go back to the hotel and go out again.

- phone if necessary,

If you can't use your phone in France and have a camera we suggest you to leave your phone at the hotel. Thiefs like too much the phones and the new generation is really attractive to them.

If you use it as camera or for calls, hold it tight and check your surroundings while using it. Never let it in a back pocket or a coat pocket. Sooner or later you'll be sorry if you do.

- credit card if necessary,

- cards/tickets for common transport,

Do you know? If you use the Tickets T+ there are rules that no one explained to you... nor to me. I discovered them with time and talking with the drivers.

A ticket T+ can be used during one hour (maybe one hour and half nowadays. That must be checked every time you're in Paris.) under these conditions:

  • never take the same bus or tramway twice in a row. For example you want to take the bus 21 to go to Saint Michel and then 21 to go to Saint Lazare station. Well, you can if you use 2 different tickets. To use the same ticket you have to take the 21 then an other bus like 38 and then 21 and it's working.

  • you can't mix metro, bus and tramway. A ticket used for metro will be invalid in a bus.

  • Tickets T+ are only for Zone1-2 in Paris. Be careful with La Defense. It's faster to use RER A (train) but the RER A is defined in zone 3. If you want to go to La Defense use subway line 1. The zone 2 for RER A ends at place Charles de Gaulle-Etoile.

- the phone number of taxis company in case you need it,

There are many companies and you may feel better paying only a little money. We like quality and of course an appropriate price. Not too expensive, but not too cheap. After all quality has a price.

We suggest you Taxi G7. We worked with them since 2009 and the rare moments we were deceived we contacted the company and everything was solved well for us.

In any taxi, you must note the number plate of the car, also note the id you can see from the back seats on the windows. Read carefully it must be written somewhere. In case of any incident those informations with the date and hour of the begining of your trip, will be useful to you. if there is no company and that the driver is a freelancer (the company names are often written on the taxi inside and outside) you can go to a police station to tell your story. They will help you.

We suggest you to ask the fastest way to your destination so the drivers will not take you in the traffic jams.

You can also book a taxi from your hotel for the entire day. Be careful to check the strikes beforehand.

- a real tissue or a scarf (discover in our ateliers how useful it is to have them with you),

- wound dressings

- emergency phone numbers,

- your hotel’s card with its address and phone number,

and a mirror (discover in our article to come how useful it is to carry a small one with you).

You can add other items like makeup, comb, toothbrush and so on.

We also suggest you to learn by heart the hotel phone number.

Now you're ready to travel through Paris and enjoy your time.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have questions about the points above or if you desire to share your own stories.

What other useful informations would you like to see in this blog?

Contact us for more information.

We are glad to exchange with you.

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